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Tsuritama Twitter Q&A

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Jun. 29th, 2012 | 01:57 am

There was a Q&A session going on at Twitter not long ago to commemorate the finale. The result was a whole lot of random trivia. Some informative and some very, very random. Not sure if I missed any, though I think I skipped a minor one or two. My question about Keito's previous job never got answered. ;__;

Trivia time:

  • Ayumi is 33 years old. Misaki 26. Kate 67.

  • Natsuki and Erika are relatives.

  • Akira's superior's codename is George Ace. Real name unknown.

  • Q: What is inside Akira's turban? There was a handgun the last time. A: Love, courage, ham and a spoon.

  • Yuki is fluent in French and English.

  • Akira and Tapioca first met when they were assigned as partners by DUCK.

  • The fish tank in Yuki's room belonged to the previous owner.

  • Natsuki got into fishing at the age of 3.

  • Tapioca and Boss's (the cat) relationship is more of them thinking that the other looks tasty. (Not so sure if I got this right)

  • Akira is single.

  • Sakura is in 4th year.

  • The next ep previews are done by Sugita (Akira's VA) running with whatever gags the series composer makes.

  • There is a pool full of ducks on the rooftop of DUCK HQ. Members of a certain rank are allowed to choose their own duck as a partner.

  • Haru's clothes are all Yuki's.

  • DUCK HQ is in Dubai.

  • When asked about the DUCK license and how Sakura's drawn duck worked, they replied that the matter has become a problem within DUCK. ^^;

  • Natsuki's eyesight problem is probably hereditary.

  • The flowers Kate asks Haru to think of as her are Gerberas/African daisies.

  • Natsuki is the most popular character amongst the staff. Akira has popularity amongst the professionals. (Not so sure what pros (玄人) they're talking about)

  • Tapioca is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Akira) and Boss by Nozomi Yamamoto (Erika).

  • Children of around 5 years old and animals are able to see Haru's triangle halo.

  • The 35 on the back of one of Natsuki's shirts was a play on the Japanese word for "coral" (Sango).

  • Ayumi's voice actor was recommended by the music director.

  • All three of them pinned down Natsuki and had a go at cutting his hair.

  • Coco is an E cup. Her three sizes from the top are 89.60.91.

  • Another idea they had before "ENO. SHIMA. DO~N!" was "SHIRA. SU. DO~N!" (Whitebait bowl).

  • Natsuki isn't fond of smartphones and the like.

  • The Enoshima Dance steps might be revealed in the DVD/BD or in some way. The staff are considering it. (Oh yes, please do it!)

  • Erika's three sizes: 90.58.87. Misaki: 95.62.90.

  • Yuki is a natural red head.

  • They refuse to tell Sakura's three sizes.

  • Haru's different necktie from the others is for fashion.

  • Aliens arrested by DUCK are strongly persuaded to go back to their planet. There are some cases of those who settle down on Earth though.

  • Coco's glasses are prescription glasses.

  • BD/DVD vol.2 will have a drama CD.

  • Q: Did the director & staff have any confidence that Tsuritama would be popular? A: "Pretty much NOTHING ☆".

  • Prior to Enoshima, Akira was stationed in the US at Missoula, Montana.

  • Akira's superior is from London.

  • The bunny ears on the DUCK yellow suits are for communication. Very hi-tech.

  • The daily wage for working on Ayumi's boat is 5500yen.

  • DUCK members are worldwide. The turban and sunglasses are a dress code.

  • Some staff members have taken an interest in fishing ever since production started.

  • Q: Tell me Akira's three sizes! A: We'll have to go to Enoshima to measure him after this.

  • Haru, Yuki and Natsuki use the bathtub. Natsuki runs a lot so he bathes a few times a day. He occasionally uses the shower. Akira showers.

  • The producer thinks that it's unusual for staff to love a project as much as they do. Even he is proud to be involved in it.

  • Akira's been measured: 95.81.98. (LOL)

I hope I got all that right. Man I'm going to miss this show so much. /sobs

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(no subject)

from: moichispa
date: Jun. 28th, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the translation.

I hope they reveal Enoshima dance on Bds that would be epic. yoisho yoisho

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Jun. 29th, 2012 06:28 am (UTC)

You're welcome~

Volume 3 has a bonus DVD, which I'm guessing will have the Lets SF videos. Maybe if the staff make their minds up on time the Enoshima Dance might be there? X3

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(Deleted comment)


(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Jun. 29th, 2012 06:30 am (UTC)

My pleasure!

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(no subject)

from: asdfasdflucky
date: Jun. 29th, 2012 04:15 am (UTC)

Whoa, some of these are definitely random.

Thanks for the translation!

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Jun. 29th, 2012 06:30 am (UTC)

No problem!

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(no subject)

from: sillygrl1990
date: Jun. 29th, 2012 08:11 pm (UTC)

"Q: What is inside Akira's turban? There was a handgun the last time. A: Love, courage, ham and a spoon." Oh gosh, I was laughing so hard at this. All of these facts are so interesting (and random xD). Thanks so much for translating!

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Bruno Jordani

(no subject)

from: Bruno Jordani
date: Mar. 24th, 2013 01:32 am (UTC)

Thanks for the translation. Sorry for this late comment! I don't know the real origin of the name 'Tapioca', but here in Brazil tapioca is a traditional food.

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Mar. 24th, 2013 01:36 am (UTC)

You're welcome! There's no such thing as a late comment ;). I'm pretty sure Tapioca's name came from the same tapioca you're talking about.

Edited at 2013-03-24 01:36 am (UTC)

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