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DRAMAtical Murder Amazon Bonus Drama CD

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Jun. 14th, 2013 | 12:13 am

Here's the next DMMd store exclusive drama CD translation. I have the StellaWorth one coming right up. Amazon's CD is apparently a voiced version of some short stories previously published in B's Log. To call them short stories is an understatement really. If you've seen my post about the Animate CD you'll know that I've left Mink's story as a summary because well, Mink.

Koujaku Short Story

Aoba: Grandma, I’m home! What a tiring day… eh?

Koujaku: Yo, welcome back!

Aoba: Koujaku! What do you mean by “Welcome home”?

Koujaku: Then, “Good job today!”

Aoba: Why are you letting yourself into someone else’s room without permission?

Koujaku: Nothing new here, right?

Aoba: Well yeah, but… (Sigh)

Koujaku: Here we go.

Aoba: Hmm? Why’re you sitting next to me?

Koujaku: No reason~

Ren: Koujaku, regarding your greeting just now…

Koujaku: What about it, Ren?

Ren: Shouldn’t you first say “Pardon my intrusion”?

Koujaku: Heh?

Beni: What’re you on about?

Ren: Beni?

Beni: It’s so damn formal to say that now. Man, you’re such a wet blanket.

Koujaku: Beni’s so right, don’t you agree, Aoba? Ren’s words are so cold considering that we’re such good buddies!

Aoba: Who asked you to make yourself at home? (Smack)

Koujaku: Ouch! Oh right, Tae said that tonight’s dinner is meat and potato stew.

Aoba: So?

Koujaku: I’m joining in! After that-

Aoba: You’re gonna sleep over, right?

Koujaku: You got it, Aoba!

Aoba: Nothing new here. Actually, you should learn some restraint!

Koujaku: Someday.

Aoba: The heck’s that?

Koujaku: (Laughs)

Noiz Short Story

Aoba: When did boss say he’d be back? Oh, welcome- Eh, it’s you!

Noiz: Someone sure looks free.

Aoba: What’re you doing here? I never told you where I worked!

Noiz: I know pretty much all there is about you.

Aoba: Huh, does that mean you looked up my details? How did you do that?

Noiz: Hmm, that’s quite the assortment of manic stuff you’ve got there. Weird shop.

Aoba: You know, if you’re just here to bug me then leave.

Noiz: Of course not, I’ve got business here.

Aoba: In that case, get it over with and go home.

Noiz: I’ll do just that.

Aoba: W-What’re you doing? Let me go! Ghh-!

Noiz: Actually, never mind. (Lets him go)

Aoba: Huh? Wait! I don’t get him at all. (Sigh)

Mink Short Story

A minute and 23 seconds of Mink choking Aoba, threatening to smash his head and telling him that all he needs to do is follow his orders and that he doesn’t give a shit about Aoba’s thoughts or will. SIGH.

Clear Short Story

Aoba: Here, come in.

Clear: Thank you very much. Now then, pardon my intrusion into your room, Master~!

Aoba: Yeah.

Clear: Oh, that’s the balcony, isn’t it?

Aoba: Hey, what?

Clear: (Opens sliding door)

Aoba: What’re you doing on the blacony-

Clear: Heave-ho!

Aoba: Wha- Why are you climbing the roof!?

Clear: Hurry Master, I’ll show you the best spot!

Aoba: Best spot!? What’re you talking about?

Clear: Just come up already!

Aoba: Are we seriously going up there?

Clear: Yes! Your roof is a pretty good one!

Aoba: Why are you even doing that? Can you even judge a roof in the first place?

Clear: Of course! Hurry up, hurry up!

Aoba: (Climbs up) Feels like you could fall off any moment… Scary!

Clear: Master, over here! Over here! The best spot is right next to me!
Aoba: An oc-octopus cushion? Oh whatever…

Clear: How is it? Isn’t it great?

Aoba: What is?

Clear: You can hear all sorts of sounds from town gathering here. Don’t you think it’s wonderful?

Aoba: I don’t hear anything though.

Clear: Oh? You don’t seem very keen on this, Master. Could it be that… (shuffling through stuff) nope not this, not that, not this either… there it is! Would you have preferred this jellyfish cushion instead?

Aoba: Screw that, why do you even have all those things in your coat pockets!? That’s just strange!

Clear: It doesn’t have everything, only what I put inside.

Aoba: That’s not what I meant. (Sigh)

Clear: Oh I get it! What you meant was that you didn’t want a cushion, you wanted to lie on my lap instead!

Aoba: Huh?

Clear: In that case, you could’ve said so earlier! Oh you~

Aoba: Forget it. This is too much trouble, I don’t care anymore…

That's all! Short story is short. This may partly be my Clear bias, but his track was the best considering a whole lot of nothing happens in the other three. lol

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(no subject)

from: inomuiro
date: Jun. 14th, 2013 11:33 am (UTC)

Clear's track is definitely the best here, and the most adorable I think!

I've found your livejournal while looking for dMMd translations, and I wanted to thank you for translating the drama cds, I have enojoyed reading these a lot :) I also wanted to ask something, if that's not a bother: Do you know of any translation of the short stories included in the DRAMAtical Murder Visual Fanbook? I'm interested in Clear's story in particular. Thank you a real lot for the infos, and again I hope I wasn't a bother.

(btw, I've ordered the book, so in case you or anybody else needs hi-res scans of the stories for translating I can provide them.)

Thanks again for your translations!!

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Jun. 14th, 2013 12:04 pm (UTC)

Thanks, glad you like them!

I didn't know that the Visual Fanbook had short stories in them. It was out of stock on Amazon the last time I made my book order =(. So no, I don't know of any translations of the short stories and unfortunately reading Japanese is not my strong point, so it's unlikely I'd be able to translate them with ease.

However I am crushing pretty hard on Clear right now so I might just be masochistic enough to try and attempt to read them lol. If you could provide scans of the stories I'll see if it's within my abilities. If I somehow manage to translate it I'll definitely give full priority to Clear. Noiz and Koujaku would depend on how things go from there and I might not try Mink at all because translating text is very time consuming for me and he isn't worth the trouble. =P This is just an if situation so please don't expect much.

If you ever find translations of the stories somewhere please do let me know! I'd love to read them too. =D

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(no subject)

from: inomuiro
date: Jun. 14th, 2013 12:24 pm (UTC)

I found out about the stories from a review, I think there are five of them in the book. I will make sure to send you the scans as soon as I get the book (I made the order only yesterday, so I guess it will take a while), thank you a real lot for considering this, even if you won't translate them :)

Reading Noiz and Koujaku's stories would be a plus, but Clear's one is definitely the priority for me too. He has that kind of effect, he's a wonderful character XD And I agree with you about Mink just not being worth any effort, to me he's just too unpleasant (to say the least). I mean, I haven't even played his route yet, so I should probably withold my judgement, but just from what I gathered about him from the common route, and from some spoilers, I think I will end the game disliking him more and more... >_>

I will keep on looking for the stories translations, rest assured I will link them to you if I find any :)

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Jun. 14th, 2013 01:23 pm (UTC)

My biggest problem with Mink's route was not so much his character (I still hate the shit he does) but the fact the writers were basically saying it's okay if someone's a giant abusive asshat (understatement) towards you because they have a tragic backstory and ~reasons~ for doing it (which were pretty BS in the first place). It left a really bad aftertaste by the time I finished which made his re:connect story and all attempts at redeeming him impossible in my eyes.

Anyway I look forward to the scans. =3

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