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Valvrave the Liberator Official Anthology Comic Summaries

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Dec. 31st, 2013 | 02:09 am

(Cover art by Yana Toboso. Amazon.jp link)

So I've been going on about how great the official anthology is and thought that I may as well give a summary of the chapters. I definitely recommend it to all L-Elf fans or VVV fans who just like seeing everyone acting stupid.

(Warning: Contains lots of L-Elf being retarded. A-Drei comes second on the autism scale.)

01. Tag! (Yuuki Ohta)

The Sakimori students decide to play Tag but L-Elf refuses to participate. Shoko tries to bribe him with ham & eggs but he still refuses... unless they throw in some sweet bean jelly as well. They decide who gets to be 'it' through Rock Paper Scissors. L-Elf claims to be unbeatable in it while making a V sign and loses because everyone figured they had to go with Rock.

The game starts and everyone learns that you do not make the One Man army 'it' in Tag. Meanwhile a jealous A-Drei watches them from the bushes and decides to join in while hiding his identity... with a bucket over his head. L-Elf gives chase and A-Drei is delighted over how he must be focusing his thoughts on catching him but in reality L-Elf's mpstly thinking of the bean jelly.

He catches Bucket-Drei but says that it didn't count because he was out of bounds (they limited the game to the running track) and gives him ten seconds to escape. A-Drei realises that he figured out who he was from grabbing his wrist and was letting him get away. He has a flashback of L-Elf telling him that he was always bad at escaping as he regroups with the rest of the Karlstein team. Haruto asks L-Elf if he should chase after the bucket guy but he says to ignore him.

02. Midnight Stranger (Yana Toboso)

L-Elf wakes up in the middle of the night to find Haruto sleeping uncovered and oputs a blanket over him so that he does not catch a cold. Haruto later wakes up, sees that L-Elf's isn't using his blanket and tries to cover him only to get slammed into the bed with a gun to his face by an ever cautious L-Elf.

He assures him that he only wanted to make sure he wasn't cold to which L-Elf explains that he had his blanket off because he felt warm unlike Haruto who is closer to the air conditioner. Haruto tells him that he could've turned the air con up but wonders if the reason L-Elf didn't do that was because he would be feeling colder in return. They both go back to sleep thinking of the other as a weirdo.

The next day the room is sweltering. L-Elf asks Haruto why he turned the air conditioner off and Haruto replies that he wanted to evenly share the heat L-Elf was feeling.

03. Today's Braid (Hajime Kirino)

A-Drei makes a complete fool of himself in the fight against New JIOR because his braid keeps getting in his mouth whenever he speaks and eventually finds its way up his nose as well. Needless to say he gets taken out very easily. Haruto & co. mistake A-Drei's braid-induced muffled sentences for the Dorssian dialect and asks L-Elf to speak it because they want to hear it again.

04. Ashes to Ashes (Nana Natsunishi)

Saki and Shoko talk with each other about their feelings towards Haruto. Saki pulls her usual "JK, I'm an idol, there's no way I'd be dating him!" card while being jealous and sad.

Pretty boring story the book could've done without imo. I'd rather they had a sandwich eating contest or something than that love drama. That or Saki shoving Shoko into the garbage incinerator they were next to.

05. Charge! Ham & Eggs! (Wakana Hazuki)

L-Elf proposes a new training menu to the VVV pilots where they must avoid having their ham & eggs eaten by him for 6 and a half minutes or risk having their usual training tripled. Saki gets exempted because her breakfast is only vegetable juice (and Akira still hasn't gotten in the robot yet).

Kyuma is the first to go as L-Elf attacks him from the air vent as he was running downstairs. Thunder is in another building but unfortunately for him it's the same building L-Elf booby trapped in one of the early episodes and is caught in a bomb explosion which sends his food flying. L-Elf catches it with his fork, eats it and jumps out of the 5th floor window (Sasuga Eruerufu) where Haruto's running just below him.

He corners him but backs away in horror at the sight of the monstrosity that is Haruto's breakfast (Shoko's cooking). Refusing to acknowledge that thing as ham & eggs, he runs out of time. Shocked that he lost, L-Elf concludes that he needs more discipline and subjects himself and the other losers to Shoko's cooking as a form of mental training.

06. Someday (Ato Sakurai)

A story of Akira's growing attachment towards Shoko and her awkward attempts to properly communicate with her. It's kind of cute but just like most of the non-comedic stories in the book it wasn't really interesting. At least Akira was adorable.

07. The Story of Thunder's Election (Susumu Oda)

Haruto, Kyuma and Saki attempt to cheer Thunder up after L-Elf discourages him from joining the elections as a candidate. They lie that they will join the election if Thunder doesn't, each stating a really selfish thing they'll do if they win (Haruto will abolish Rock Paper Scissors, Kyuma wants to save money and Saki will pimp Carmilla up with parts of the other VVVs) which reignites his desire to be a candidate.

After confronting L-Elf again, Thunder’s application is accepted. As they celebrate Haruto asks L-Elf if it was really alright. As it turns out the election preparations were done 2 hours ago and L-Elf was just killing time with Thunder, which means he's disqualified.

08. A-Drei’s Personal Enrolment (Neko Kurage)

A-Drei is jealous of L-Elf being at a seemingly fun place after seeing the New JIOR viral music video so he and the rest of the team show up in Sakimori wearing the school uniform. A-Drei is shocked at the thought of L-Elf making friends after a comment by Q-Vier. X-Eins says it’s natural that he’d have friends after being in school and A-Drei asks him if he could also become L-Elf’s friend if he attended school. Haruto and gang look at him in bewilderment and L-Elf explains how A-Drei has no idea of what a commoner’s school is like due to his Karlstein upbringing.

Shoko and Marie volunteer to give A-Drei a tour, which he agrees to only after L-Elf says that he would be able to understand his feelings that way. Haruto knows that it was just and excuse for him to get A-Drei out of his hair. The tour starts with a visit to Rion at the pool where only H-Neun is delighted by Rion’s figure. Next is the home ec room where A-Drei meets Shoko’s hell spawn cooking and sweet bean jelly. He tries to get the recipe of the latter once he hears that L-Elf likes it but is stopped by Kyuma because it would mean less profit for them if the recipe ever got out. A-Drei starts shooting at him and Thunder barges in in response.

Shoko introduces him to A-Drei and the usual “My name is Thunder!” leads to A-Drei learning about nicknames and wanting L-Elf to give him one. L-Elf predicted this and immediately presents him with a list of nicknames, “Dora-chan” being L-Elf’s recommendation. Q-Vier, H-Neun and X-Eins expect “Dora-chan” to snap at his nickname but he actually likes it (In fact, he wants to frame the list L-Elf made). Q-Vier tells him that he should graduate from his obsession over L-Elf which prompts L-Elf to come up with the idea that A-Drei should come back after he has graduated (from his obsession over him). H-Neun jokes that L-Elf meant he would become his right hand man after he goes through a graduation ceremony and A-Drei ends up believing him.

Cue episode 12 of the anime where Cain says it is time for a graduation ceremony, much to A-Drei’s delight.

09. T-Shirt Irony (Chiaki Nagaoka)

Haruto is horrified at having spilled juice on Shoko’s favourite cow shirt and heads off to apologise. Meanwhile, L-Elf is searching for his photo of Liselotte and heads off to look for Haruto believing that he should have it. He finds Haruto seemingly apologising to him over an important item from behind a door because he could not face him. In reality he’s texting to Shoko about her shirt while reading out every single word he types.

L-Elf mistakes everything Haruto says about the shirt to be about the photo instead, from how he dirtied it to how it tore when he tried to wipe it. To make things worse Haruto says that it isn’t even cute at all. Shoko’s offended and L-Elf even moreso. Haruto digs the hole deeper by saying that it takes unique tastes to like it. Shoko threatens to not give Haruto any of her cooking and sends him a photo of a dish that looks like turd.

While this exchange is going on L-Elf is doing his best to not be bothered by Haruto’s words or the fact the photo is seemingly destroyed. Just as he’s thinking of his ‘light’, Liselotte, Haruto comments on Shoko’s photo saying “Unbelievable, are you actually going to eat* that?”. L-Elf snaps and tries to kill him with a fire extinguisher while demanding that he hands it over.

Haruto misinterprets L-Elf and gives him a cow shirt to wear, much to Shoko’s pleasure and his displeasure. L-Elf finally finds the photo safe and sound but feels like he lost something in return. On his desk lies a stack of cow shirts.

(*The line Haruto says can also be interpreted as “Unbelievable, are you actually going to fap to that?” and well, you’d react the same way if someone questions your waifu like that.)

10. Hide & Seek ☆ (Miku Morinaga)

Set before the first episode, Cain pits L-Elf and A-Drei against each other in a game of hide and seek where they must avoid being caught by Q-Vier, H-Neun and X-Eins to determine who leads the operation to seize the Valvrave. L-Elf finds it a pain in the ass and bribes the three of them to catch A-Drei and wins.

A-Drei calls him a coward for cheating and L-Elf responds by stating that you have to dirty yourself if you have something to protect. A-Drei apologises and praises him, saying that he would be prepared to dirty himself if L-Elf is. He also stresses that he isn’t doing it for his sake like a tsundere which disgusts L-Elf. As he watches his comrades bicker L-Elf thinks about how he’s prepared to someday use them as stepping stones for his revolution.

11. Idol in Haruto (Michiru Katou)

Takes place during episode 6. Saki’s having a blast using Haruto’s body and skips off after the pocky incident with Takahi. Akira sees ‘Haruto’ geefully exiting the girl’s toilet and reports him as a pervert to Satomi. ‘Haruto’ goes around doing a few more things before gloating on the rooftop where he’s confronted by Satomi who starts lecturing him. Saki tries to shut him up by pulling the pocky move on him. Satomi begins to suspect that this isn’t Haruto but is interrupted by Takahi barging in and an argument ensues. The next day Haruto has to deal with them both as Saki feigns ignorance.

12. Revolutionary Academy V (Kisara Akino)

L-Elf demands that an idol group be formed around the VVV pilots with Haruto as the center for the sake of raising funds. Kyuma is instantly on board and suggests they have a tie up with their sweet bean jelly. Thunder wants out of this nonsense but as he goes for the door, Saki appears and smacks him unconscious, exclaiming that she won’t allow anyone to quit.

Declaring herself as their producer, she promises to make them a popular idol group and use her position as both an idol and producer to boost her career (She even has a thick plan written up). Haruto tries to argue that L-Elf isn’t a VVV pilot but Saki replies that he counts since he has been in one (when Haruto jacked his body). And so begins their idol training.

Thunder is caught and tied up by L-Elf, Kyuma carries on with his plans for bean jelly tie-ups, Haruto is forced to pilot with L-Elf on his lap as appeal towards the girls, their microphones are made to look like the bean jelly, Saki and Kyuma have plans for a restrained Thunder and Saki has a special outfit for Haruto to wear. Finally, the new wave idol unit Revolutionary Academy V debuts to a positive reception from the audience.

13. The One Man Army and His Merry Companions (Hiro Katsusaki)

(This chapter is a little hard to summarise since it’s just Haruto and Saki saying dumb things and L-Elf playing the straight man)

Haruto and Saki talk about L-Elf’s nickname and ask him to teach them how to travel alone (The kanji for One Man Army can be read as Solitary Traveller), to which he retorts that his nickname does not mean that. Saki wants to have a second name like that, such as ____ Idol. Haruto suggests things to put before idol like “cursed” or “immortal” but Saki wants something that reflects her true abilities. L-Elf tells her that nicknames like that will naturally be given over time and that even he did not have that name from the beginning. Haruto then comments on how L-Elf must’ve had a time where he was called S-Elf and M-Elf and asks him when he will be called XL-Elf.

They move on to discussing a nickname for Haruto. Saki comments on how he’s the only one that gets marks that look like grilled steak on his face. They talk about Haruto’s sweet personality and the first time he met L-Elf, how he was known to them as “Ham Egg” before they knew his name and “Ham-Elf” after they found out. Saki tells them that they make a surprisingly good combo and Haruto bring out his coffee and sugar analogy again. The final punchline comes when Saki says they’re like a lunch set together (steak + ham & eggs).

14. Light ☆ Expansion (Irono)

Haruto asks L-Elf to help them with weeding but he refuses to because he has to sort out some files. Besides, he comes from a cold climate and thus doesn’t like hot weather. Haruto asks if there was lots of snow and L-Elf daydreams about his first meeting with Liselotte. He snaps at Haruto when the latter interrupts his little moment. Haruto tries bribing him with bean jelly next but he shrugs it off (not before actually considering for a moment). He finally wins L-Elf over when he offers to have merchandise of the girl in the photo (Liselotte) made.

L-Elf’s extreme enthusiasm towards weeding amazes Haruto. He sees L-Elf showing him a V sign and wonders why he’s signalling a contract now before realising L-Elf is just showing how excited he is over the merchandise. A few days later, their room is filled with Liselotte goods (he got Otamaya to make them). Haruto offers to make coffee in his Liselotte mug but is greeted by L-Elf’s gun barrel for he will not stand the thought of his light (Liselotte) being filled with darkness (coffee). The merchandise will be carefully stored away after L-Elf is done admiring them.

15. Flower Company (Nakamura Naoko)

L-Elf thinks about how Shoko constantly defies his predictions as he watches her talk with Kibukawa who is tending to some flowers. She decides to help him out and suggests that they grow some flowers at the empty flowerbeds. Haruto and Saki find her planting flowers and asks if she plans to plant them all. Shoko says that it’s precisely because of the situation they’re in that blooming flowers would help soothe their hearts. L-Elf thinks of how foolish it is and that no one would help out, except the students do end up lending her a hand.

He later approaches Shoko who says that she wouldn’t have been able to do this alone and that she hopes everyone was able to feel better after that. L-Elf tells her that he acknowledges her ability to move people but nothing more. Shoko denies his praise as he walks away thinking about how those flowers will turn to dust the second they are attacked and what an incomprehensible woman she is.

16. Unite! Valvrave (Mai Tanaka)

A silly short about Haruto being forced to use a new option proposed by Pino which causes all the Valvraves to combine into one super robot (Pino proudly displays “This is sex!” on the monitor). They begin taking down enemies with Haruto slashing away, Thunder controlling the legs (there’s 10 now), Saki providing cover fire with Carmilla’s wheels and Kyuma having nothing to do because he’s in the chest. Unfortunately the combined VVV hits 666 on the meter very fast and they perform the Harakiri Blade to end the battle, not before Haruto wondering if Kyuma will be fine since he’s in the chest. They win and crash down to Module 77 where L-Elf forbids them from ever combining again.

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(no subject)

from: darkmaya666
date: Jan. 9th, 2014 09:45 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much for these summaries! Especially the ones with Haruto and L-elf. After that ending any new scenes with them are too precious to my broken heart. Thanks again :) ( also finally I got the answer from where was that beautiful fanart by Yana Toboso )

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from: yoshi_x2
date: Jan. 11th, 2014 01:29 pm (UTC)

You're welcome! I'm still suffering from withdrawal too. I miss them so much! (Especially L-Elf)

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