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Idiot area complete!!

Random anime merchandise, translation and fanboying blog with a stupid name.

A fan of anime/manga/etc and attempting to learn Japanese. Currently incapable of reading kanji without help from a dictionary but somewhat competent at listening. This journal exists for three reasons:

1. Unsatisfied that many things like drama cds of series I like tend to go untranslated, I decided to try taking on the job of translating a few of these to the best of my ability for the benefit of fellow fans and myself.

2. Looking for pictures/reviews of anime merchandise can be a little troublesome, especially less popular series and/or JP releases. This journal will cover whatever I happen to own, mainly DVDs, BDs, CDs and books from Japan, Australia or the US. By doing so I hope to make things easier for fans who want to know what some releases look like, be it for making purchase decisions or just curiosity.

3. I just wanted a place to set my inner fanboy free.

P.S. There are no downloads here, mainly lots of pictures.