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Ao no Exorcist Original Drama CD 2

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Oct. 31st, 2011 | 01:56 pm

Sparkling Shima
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Took some time off to translate the second drama CD from the limited edition Vol.4 BD. Manga readers should take note that the ranking talk between Rin and Shima during the Kyoto arc happens here! (with different context, or course) Story wise this takes place sometime after episode 11 (beach episode).

Like the first drama cd, the translation is localised and slightly liberal with some possible small errors (moreso because of Kyoto dialect in this one >.>). Enjoy!

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Top of the Ranking -Boys, be ambitious!-

Part 1

Yukio: Thus when mixed together, the extracts of four leaf clovers and holly olives become a repelling medicine. Please take note of all this.

Shima: I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

Yukio: That’s all for today. Are there any questions?

Shima: I do, Okumura, Sir!

Yukio: Yes, Shima?

Shima: What makes a man cool?

Yukio: Come again?


Shima: Sorry for taking this all the way back to the staff room.

Yukio: It’s fine. Did something happen?

Shima: Well actually… It happened on the bus on our way back from our mission at the beach.


Shima: Hey Okumura, something fell by your feet.

Rin: Oh, thank you.

Shima: What’s that dirty piece of paper?

Rin: This? It’s a memo with a ranking written on it.

Shima: Ranking?

Rin: My Coolest Dudes Ranking!

Shima: Really now, you’ve gotten me curious.

Rin: Do you want to know?

Shima: I do! I do!

Rin: Ahem. Announcing, The Coolest Dudes Top Six! At sixth place after ranking down, it’s Spotty Four-Eyes Yukio Okumura! Next up is new entry at fifth place, Kuro! Fourth place goes to the reliable chef, Rin Okumura!

Shima: You put yourself in the ranking!?

Rin: And now for the much awaited Top Three!

Shima: (Squeal) I can’t wait!

Rin: Third place goes to, Konekomaru! Second place is Ryuji Suguro!

Shima: Whaaaat, does that mean that I’m-

Rin: Finally, the top spot goes to… TADAH! My father!

Shima: Whaaaaat?

Rin: What, you got a problem?

Shima: What about me? Where do I stand?

Rin: You don’t rank.

Shima: W-Why not?!

Rin: Cause you’re not cool.

Shima: Not cool?! That’s pretty harsh to say in my face! Why am I not ranked and yet Bon and Koneko are so high up?

Rin: Suguro’s got his pierces and his hair is stylish. Konekomaru’s a skinhead! Even I can’t compete with that.

Shima: That’s it? Is that the only reason they’re cool!? C’mon, what about my hair?

Rin: Nope. Pink is out. Pink doesn’t count.

Shima: What is with your standards? Hey Izumo, help me!

Izumo: What now? You’re so noisy.

Shima: Tell Okumura about my good points!

Izumo: Huh, your good points? Do you really want me to say it? You’re nothing but a pink headed perv. Plus your smile is so shallow.

Rin: Ahahahahaha, that’s right! Your smile has no heart!

Shima: Huh, huuuuuh? You two are nuts if you can’t see my good points!


Shima: And so began my troubled days. To be even told off so harshly by Izumo has my pride in pieces. I was born to please the ladies and yet- Wait are you even listening?

Yukio: Oh pardon me. I have these printouts that need to be ready by tomorrow.

Shima: Stop fiddling with your laptop and seriously listen to me!

Yukio: I understand. Basically you want girls to call you cool, am I right?

Shima: Yes!

Yukio: As someone under the teachings of Buddhism, should you be indulging in such worldly desires?

Shima: Of course it’s fine! This is all for the sake of priesthood!

Yukio: What?

Shima: I mean, how can you counter these worldly desires without understanding them in the first place? Can you defeat them like Buddha did without knowing them? I don’t think so! It’s because of a lack of understanding these desires that the unenlightened still exist in Kyoto today! Wait Teach, are you listening?

Yukio: Yes the soup stock in Kyoto udon certainly is delicious.

Shima: That’s not what I was talking about…

Yukio: Well I get the gist of it. I have just one piece of advice for your troubles.

Shima: Please tell me!

Yukio: All you have to do is show your cool side to my brother and Kamiki to give them a better impression of you.

Shima: Yeah but how do I do that?

Yukio: It so happens that they both have an extracurricular mission. How about you join them?

Shima: That’s when I show them my cool side?

Yukio: Yup. However a mission is a mission. Be sure to complete it.

Part 2

Rin: So this is the old school building. Looks exciting, doesn’t it?

Izumo: Why do I have to be paired with you? What’s with this place anyway? It’s as old and creepy as rumoured.

Rin: What are you scared?

Izumo: S-Shut up! I didn’t say anything about being scared!

Rin: I see that you’re both already here.

Shima: Hey there! Evenin’!

Izumo: What are you doing here?

Shima: Now, now, don’t sweat the details.

Yukio: I shall now explain your mission. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Seven School Mysteries.

Rin: Seven Mysteries?

Yukio: Indeed. Like the moving anatomical model in the science room at night or the mirror that reflects your future self. These have actually happened.

Rin: Seriously!?

Yukio: Yes. The ghosts gathered in the old school building appear to be active at night. You are to exorcise those ghosts.

Izumo: Hold it. Are you telling us that we were called to exorcise these low level demons?

Yukio: Low levelled they may be but in numbers they can be formidable. Besides, there seems to be a ghost bearing strong malice that’s calling them here.

Rin: So there’s a boss ghost around?

Yukio: Precisely. Which is why letting your guard down could endanger you. Proceed with caution.


Izumo: How stupid. The Seven Mysteries are obviously just rumours.

(Thump, Thump)

Izumo: Uwaaah!!

Yukio: Ah my glasses fell!

Rin: Why are you holding onto Yukio? It’s just the wind rattling the glass windows.

Izumo: I know that! I just tripped!

Shima: There’s no need to be afraid of ghosts. Being scared means you lose and that’s what they want. Come on let’s keep going.

Yukio: Wait everyone! My glasses… my glasses…

???: Here you go.

Yukio: Why thank you. Huh? A white blouse and a red skirt. Could you be…?

Hanako: I’m Hanako. Hanako of the Toilet.

Yukio: What!? Wait, nobody’s here.


Rin: What the- Yukio’s not here. Oh well. Let’s check out the second floor.

Izumo: That’s fine and all but aren’t these stairs pretty long?

Rin: Now that you mention it, it’s taking a while to get to the next floor.

Shima: Could this be one of the Seven Mysteries? The Multiplying Staircase?

Izumo: Haunted stairs? I’ve heard to it.

Rin: So we’re stair-ing at a ghost story huh? (T/N: It’s actually an untranslatable pun so here’s my shot at something similar.)

Shima: I’d rather it be a dirty story.

Rin: Huh? Aren’t the stairs starting to move?

Announcer: While riding the escalator, please put your hands on the rails and stand within the yellow lines.

Rin: When did this become an escalator!?

Izumo: It’s hard because we’re going in the opposite direction of the escalator!

Shima: Stop! Stop, I beg you!

Rin: Guy’s we’re gonna jump onto the second floor!

Rin, Izumo, Shima: JUMP!


Izumo: Sigh… We made it past the first floor.

Rin: Sigh… Huh? Do you hear that?

Shima: It’s a piano.

Izumo: it’s coming from the last classroom.

Rin: So it’s the music room…

Izumo: I-I wonder if it’s a ghost that’s playing…

Rin: What’re you getting scared for? I’m opening the door.


Rin: Umm, excuse me.

Izumo: Why did you close the door? What about the ghost?

Rin: it’s not a ghost. Someone’s already here. Some old men with shaggy hair and curls.

Shima: Aren’t they the ghosts?

Rin: Seriously!?


Rin: Hey you there, what’re you doing!?

???: Hello there!

???: This our…

???: … music party!

???: Welcome! (Insert really bad untranslatable old man joke here)

Izumo: Freakin’ lame!

Rin: As expected of old men. Their jokes are the worst!

Shima: ????. Wait, I thought they looked familiar!

Rin: You know them?

Shima: Know them? They’re really famous!

Rin: What?

Beethoven: I’m Beethoven!

Mozart: I’m Mozart!

Bach: I’m Bach! The three of us are…

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach: One, two… Classical Ghost-

Izumo: Vanquish the fleeting moment! (T/N: some kind of chant which I don’t get)

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!

Rin: Umm, looks like they’re gone.

Shima: You’re as merciless as ever, Izumo… I didn’t get to show my good side at all.

Izumo: Hmph. Come on, let’s finish off the boss and get this over with.

Part 3

???: (Giggle) That’s as far as you go.

Rin: That voice!

Izumo: Look, there’s something in the hallway!

???: You three cannot exorcise me, for I am... the principal!

Rin: Mephisto!

Shima: The principal is a ghost?

Izumo: No way! Even if he was we can’t fight the principal!

Shima: I don’t want to either! Won’t I be expelled?

Mephisto: (Giggle) As expected, there’s no way my own students would dare attack me.


Izumo: Wha-

Shima: Okumura!?


Mephisto: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhh!!!

Izumo: Oh no, look at him now.

Shima: Okumura, you sure had a lot of stress bottled up.

Rin: Dammit I thought he was real but it’s just a statue!

Shima: A moving statue. This must be one of the Seven Mysteries.

Yukio: That’s not the leader of the ghosts.

Rin: Yukio! Where have you been?

Yukio: I investigated the building and discovered that all the spirits here are being lead by the ghost of a girl.

Rin: A girl?


Rin: Is this the leader of the ghosts?

Yukio: Now show yourself!

Rin: The coal tars are gathering!

Izumo: They’re forming the shape of a human!

Shima: There’s a ghost amongst them!

Yukio: Rin, draw the Demon-Slaying Blade and exorcise it. Understood?

Rin: Leave it to me!


Rin: Hey, why are you crying?

Yukio: Rin, you shouldn’t carelessly approach it!

Ghost: … near me. DON’T COME NEAR ME!

Rin: Ahh, the coal tars are attacking!

Yukio: I told you!

Shima: Look, there’s a female ghost inside the coal tars!

Izumo: If it’s a girl then maybe I could talk with her. I’ll go.

Ghost: (Sobbing)

Izumo: Hey, why are you crying? Please tell me.

Ghost: (Sobbing)

Izumo: I won’t know unless you stop crying.

Ghost: (Sobbing)

Izumo: … How long are you going to keep sobbing!? It's annoying!

Rin: So much for girls talk!

Izumo: Fine, then I’ll just have to use force!

Shima: Hey missy, I’ll be your handkerchief!

Izumo: HUH!?

Rin: Hey Shima, don’t do anything rash!

Shima: Come, you can cry on my chest!

Ghost: Stay away from me!

Izumo: Aah ah, you made her angry.

Rin: The coal tars got stronger!

Izumo: Even so, I can’t leave you alone! You must’ve been suffering all by yourself! (Cries)

Izumo: What!?

Rin: Why are YOU crying?

Ghost: Why… are you crying?

Shima: Because I felt your sadness.

Ghost: Liar!

Shima: I’m not! I can understand how pure your tears are.

Ghost: !!!

Izumo: Oh, the ghost stopped crying.

Rin: The coal tars are getting weaker too.

Your tears are as clear as diamonds. A smile would fit you far better.
C’mon, raise your head. Won’t you tell me about yourself?

Rin: What the- I can see a dazzling light shining from him.

Izumo: Eww, his grossness just tripled.

Ghost: I was betrayed by my lover while I was alive. He was cheating on me with more than one! Miki, Tama, Shiro and Puchi. He even ranked them by numbers!

Rin: Aren’t those cat names?

Izumo: Her boyfriend must have been a cat lover.

Ghost: I asked him what number I was and he said “You don’t rank”! I WAS MORTIFIED!!

Izumo: Where have I heard this before?

Rin: Wait a minute, it’s not like she was cheated on…

Ghost: My soul was left with despair and possessed by demons. I came here and my heart was completely taken by them! (Cries)

Shima: That’s not true. Your heart isn’t demonic. It’s a beautiful heart.

Ghost: Beautiful?

Shima: Yup. Crying with such sadness is proof of that. It means you have such a beautiful heart.

Ghost: Beautiful... heart? That’s…

Izumo: Look, the ghost is…

Rin: Shima’s talk is cheering her up!

Shima: You’re not someone who should be bound by some silly ranking. You could say that you didn’t rank because even if you weren’t number one, you were his only one.

Ghost: I never… thought of it that way. It feels like my pain and sadness is going away. I must’ve been such a vile woman for scaring you all. I can finally leave this place! Thank you all! Thank you!

Izumo: The ghost is disappearing into the light.

Rin: What a beautiful light.

Shima: Take care on the other side!

Yukio: With this, the mission is complete. Good job everyone.

Rin: You did it, Shima.

Shima: I did?

Izumo: Guess you’re not just a pervert.

Rin: You were the one who let her pass on.

Yukio: An exorcist’s duty doesn’t always involve solving problems through force. To exorcise a ghosts feelings is also one of them. Shima, you were most impressive.

Shima: Ha ha.. ahahaha.. I did it… I DID IT!!

Part 4

Shima: Mornin’ Okumura! Sure was troublesome last night. Hey, what’re you writing?

Rin: The Coolest Dudes Ranking.

Shima: That again?

Rin: It was my mistake for not ranking you.

Shima: Does that mean I’m no longer unranked?

Rin: Of course! Plus your rank is…

Shima: What is it? What is it? …Yes, finally! I made it to the eight place!! Wait, what is with this? You even left the spot after Sir Okumura blank to put me dead last!

Rin: Well you weren’t cool enough for seventh place but isn’t your rank increase amazing? Be happier!

Shima: Like hell I can be happy about this!

Izumo: Hey you…

Shima: Izumo! Look at this. What do you think about the new ranking?

Izumo: Forget that, your shoulder…

Shima: Oh I’ve been having muscle pains since morning.

Izumo: That’s not the problem. It’s on you.

Rin: Oh you’re right it is.

Shima: What is?

Yukio: Alright, time for class. Please take your seats.

Rin: Darn, first period is Yukio’s Pharmaceutical Studies?

Shima: W-w-wait, what’s on me?

Ghost: It’s me. M. E. Me~

Shima: Eeek, you’re last night’s ghost?

Ghost: I’ve never been called pretty before… so I came back~

Shima: So somehow you  became something like a guardian spirit… Hey guys, help me!

Yukio: Please solve your love issues by yourself. Now then everyone, open your textbooks.

Shima: Ehh… Izumo! Izumo! Izumo! Come on guys, stop ignoring me!

Part 1 Notes:
- I didn't bother with reflecting Shima's Kyoto accent throught the whole cd.
- lol Shima

Part 2 Notes:
- Hanako of the Toilet for those who want to know more.
- The staircase joke is a pun on the words 'stairs' and 'ghost stories' which have the same pronunciation in Japanese (kaidan). The original joke goes something like: "A ghost story (kaidan) that can only happen on stairs (kaidan)".
- I didn't bother translating the other joke that came up at all cause it's an old man Japanese joke that I didn't really get aside from how punny it was and the fact 'youkoso' meant 'welcome'. If you're curious, the line went: "youkoso yo yokosama yokosuka?". As you could probably tell, it was pretty lame lol.
- The ???? by Shima right after was another line I didn't understand. Sorry.

Part 3 Notes:
- Re: Rin wanting more allowcance. See episode 6 or the corresponding manga special.
- lol Rin, this is what, the second Mephisto statue you've destroyed?

Part 4 Notes:
- Rin's final ranking goes:
  1. Shiro
  2. Ryuji
  3. Konekomaru
  4. Himself
  5. Kuro
  6. Yukio
  7. (Blank)
  8. Shima
Isn't it sad, Shima?

Happy Halloween everyone!

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(no subject)

from: milkymao
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 04:17 am (UTC)

Oh shima~ Thank you for translating this~ *hugs*

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 04:24 am (UTC)

You're welcome! =D

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 05:18 am (UTC)

No problem!

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(no subject)

from: frostoria
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 06:20 am (UTC)

Thank you for translating, and happy Halloween! Haha, poor Shima, never getting a break. I gotta say my inner Shima/Yukio fangirl is very happy about their interaction in part 1 XD

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)

You're welcome and Happy Halloween too~ I like how Yukio wasn't really paying attention to Shima's ranting in part 1 XD

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polished to the nth degree

(no subject)

from: copperiisulfate
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 08:33 am (UTC)

ahh you rock so hard for translating this! it sounds like so much fun!


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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Oct. 31st, 2011 09:13 am (UTC)

Thank you!

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(no subject)

from: mythterry
date: Nov. 1st, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)

Thank you for translating it!
great job!

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(no subject)

from: yoshi_x2
date: Nov. 1st, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)

You're welcome!

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from: yoshi_x2
date: Nov. 6th, 2011 09:50 am (UTC)

You're welcome!

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