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Tsuritama Picture Drama: Enthusiastic Contest (Part 1/2)

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Nov. 29th, 2012 | 01:00 am

You're gonna be seeing this shot a few times...

First of all I'm sorry this isn't one of my heavily stalled projects instead. =x Anyway, this is the picture drama that was on the bonus DVD of the 6th BD/DVD volume. Naturally I just had to translate this because well, it's Tsuritama. I't's only 18 mins in total but I've split it up into two parts because unlike my drama cd translations, I've included some select screenshots to go with the dialogue! (Well this is a picture drama after all). Story wise this is set before episode 5 sometime after the events of the first drama CD. Well then, here we go!

Tsuritama Picture Drama: Enthusiastic Contest (Part 1/2)

(Lines in italic represent Yuki's thought's/narration)

Yuki: As the summer holiday drew closer, I received a postcard one day.

Yuki: Notice of acceptance? “Dear Mr. Yuki Sanada, congratulations on having your application approved. The final judging will be held on the 15th of July.” What’s this?

Yuki: “Enoshima’s Prince of the Sea Contest”? I don’t remember ever applying for this…

Haru: Yuki!! Let’s become Sea Princes together!

Yuki: H-Haru, you couldn’t have-

Haru: Yup, I sent your application too!

Yuki: What have you done!? Didn’t I tell you to mind your own business!

Haru: Sorry, sorry.

Yuki: Geez… come to think of it, it’s pretty amazing that an application you wrote would even pass.

Haru: Coco helped me!

Yuki: Oh I see… wait, now’s not the time to be impressed! You’ve gotta be kidding me. How can I even enter something like this?

Haru: Kate sure was happy…

Yuki: Huh?

Haru: I brought it up when I visited her yesterday. She was so happy when I told her that we were entering the contest. She said you always wanted to be a prince.

Yuki: No I don’t.

Haru: Come on Yuki, become a Sea Prince and make Kate happier! Plus the winner gets a year’s worth of whitebait!

Yuki: You just want to eat the whitebait!! Besides, look at this: “Enoshima’s Prince of the Sea is a bright and refreshing nice guy befitting the island’s image” That doesn’t describe me at all!

Haru: Nooo probleeem!

Yuki: How is this not a problem!?

Haru: Yay, this is gonna be fun~

Yuki: (Sigh)


Yuki: Hey Haru, what do I do? Will the finals have an interview? I can’t do that!

Haru: No problem! Whenever you’re troubled, just Eno-shima-doooon!!

Yuki: You’re making no sense.

Haru: Ah, it’s Natsuki!

Yuki: Huh?

Yuki: Yikes!!! Natsuki, don’t you have work today?

Natsuki: Now’s not the time for this…

Yuki: That’s…

Natsuki: Are the two of you entering too?

Yuki: You mean you are?

Natsuki: Sakura sent my application without my permission. I didn’t want to go but she said she’ll be there to watch.

Yuki: Watch? What does that mean?

Natsuki: Didn’t you know? They built a special stage nearby where the finals will be held. It’s going to be public.

Yuki: Whaaaat? In front of e-everyone!?

Haru: Yuki, your face is scary.

Yuki: H-How many people will be coming?

Natsuki: About a hundred, I guess? I was there when the Captain participated. There were a lot of people.

Yuki: Captain?

Haru: Ayumi! The Captain!

Natsuki: An acquaintance of mine won the contest once. It was okay for him since he loves things like these but I’m not fond of them.

Haru: Don’t sweat it! Natsuki’s a prince after all!

Natsuki: That’s a different matter! Don’t you dare call me that in front of everyone!

Haru: Okay.

Natsuki: Oh yeah, Sakura also said that I should cut my hair since I’m entering. What do you think?

Yuki: L-Let’s see… I think you should totally cut it. Well I think you look fine the way you are.

Natsuki: Is that so? Thanks!

Yuki: He looks so happy about it.


Akira: Fools, if you’re aiming to win then of course you should cut your hair. We're talking about the “Prince of the Sea” after all. It’s pretty obvious who the most refreshing guy that’ll win is.

Tapioca: Quack.

Akira: Tapioca don’t make me repeat myself. It’s not like I want to win this or anything. This is simply an investigation.

Tapioca: Quack quack.

Akira: What investigation? Well you know, there could be aliens amongst the participants.

Tapioca: Quack.

Akira: “Enough of your excuses”? What do you mean?

Tapioca: Quack.

Akira: Of course I’m refreshing!

Tapioca: Quack.

Akira: Which part of me? Everything!

Tapioca: Quaaack.

Akira: What are you trying to say?

Tapioca: Quack.

Akira: !!!

Tapioca: Quaaack.

Akira: Ahem, still I wonder what it’s after. It fished, made friends and now wants to become Prince of the Sea? This makes no sense.


Natsuki: What’re we gonna do? Have you seen this? It’s a real pain if anyone actually wins. “Upon winning, the Prince shall take part in a secret campaign in front of the station, Enoshima’s Spring Festival and a live local radio broadcast”

Haru: Yuki, your face…

Yuki: asdfghjkl;

Natsuki: The biggest problem is this: “Finalists are required demonstrate a talent of theirs”

Yuki: Huh!? I don’t have any!

Haru: What’s a talent?

Natsuki: Something special that only you can do.

Haru: Then I’ll use this! Tadah!

Yuki: Are you stupid? Don’t ever use that!

Haru: Then what should I do?

Yuki: How should I know? I can’t think of anything.

Natsuki: I don’t have any talents either. It’s not like I can fish on stage.

Yuki: W-What do we do!?

Haru: Hmm, this is a pinch…

Yuki: Whose fault do you think this is?

Natsuki: (Sigh) No point mulling over it. Let’s just-

Yuki: Ready, go!

Natsuki, Yuki, Haru: ENO. SHIMA. DOOOON!!

Akira: How suffocating. They think they can solve everything just by yelling “Eno-shima-don”. What friendship loving idiots. I don’t think I’ll ever find it in me to accept them.

(Phone call)

Akira: Ah, hello? Is this the Prince of the Sea executive office? Pardon me, I’m Akira Agarkar Yamada and I’ve been chosen as a finalist in the contest. Yes? Oh, that’s Agarkar. Pronounced “A-gar”. Yup. I have a something I’d like to confirm. It says here in the rules that applicants must not have any history of modelling or talent work but does this include those of other countries? You’re going to check? Thank you so much.


Natsuki: Sakura, I’ll do my best.

Yuki: Hey Haru? He’s already asleep. Man you sure are carefree.

Yuki: Grandma, I’ll try my best. Though I say that… What do I do?


Yuki: And so we began looking for talents no one could compete with.

Yuki: I’ll spin my mechanical pencil with my fingers!

Natsuki: I’ll play two recorders at once.

Haru: The ball is my friend!


Yuki: We gradually turned to sillier things.

Yuki: Bend… get bent! Like hell this’ll work!

Haru: Yuki look!

Yuki: Whaaaaat!!

Haru: Haha, go me!


Natsuki: Umm, I’m going to move my ears.

Natsuki: …

Natsuki: Lame! Besides no one can see my ears through my hair! What the heck am I doing? Tomorrow’s the day!


...and that's the end of Part 1. Hope you enjoyed it!

Part 2/2 over here!

Now for one last time...

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