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DRAMAtical Murder Animate Bonus Drama CD

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May. 20th, 2013 | 12:34 am

I don't think anyone's translated this besides Clear's track that I came across somewhere, so here you go. The character tracks are set before the game, except for Clear's which takes place right after Aoba gets Drive By-ed by the ~mysterious bunny headed guy~ (lol).

Koujaku Episode 0

(At a harbour)

Koujaku: Midorijima… I’m back.


Koujaku: To think it’s been a few years. This place sure hasn’t changed. If I recall, his house should be from this road… that alley over there… Aha, here it is! Looks like I still remember the way. Excuse me!

Tae: If yer here about the newspapers then we don’t need ‘em! Oh…

Koujaku: It’s been a while, Tae-san.

Tae: You’re… Koujaku!


Haga: Good job as always!

Aoba: See you tomorrow! I wonder what we’re having for dinner? Any ideas, Ren?

Ren: Unpredictable.

Aoba: Aww, come on, have a guess.

Ren: In that case… could it be meat and potato stew?

Aoba: Meat and potato stew, huh? That’s Grandma’s specialty. It would be great if it was!

(Opens door)

Aoba: I’m home! Grandma, what’s for dinner tonight?

Koujaku: Meat and potato stew!

Aoba: What?

Koujaku: Welcome home. I dropped by for a visit.

Aoba: Eh, are you… Koujaku?

Koujaku: Long time no see, Aoba.


Tae: Pipe down! Yer making a racket!

Aoba: But Grandma, Koujaku’s- Eh, Uh, Wait, why is he even here!?

Koujaku: I came back by boat a while ago, so I came to say hello. Honestly I thought I’d be lost coming here but I somehow remembered the way. Plus there’s Tae-san’s doughnuts are delicious as always! They haven’t changed one bit.
Tae: Hmph!

Aoba: Wha-…..

Koujaku: Why are you spacing out with your mouth open?

Aoba: No, it’s just that this still feels unreal. Like, “Oh, it’s Koujaku!” or something.

Koujaku: What’s that supposed to mean? But man, look at you, all grown up! You used to be so much cuter too.

Aoba: Shut up! Shut up! Enough about that!

Tae: You two, save the chatter fer when ya come inside!

Koujaku: True, we are talking by the entrance. I’ll be here a little longer so, let’s get along once more, Aoba.

Aoba: S-Sure.

Noiz Episode 0

Noiz: Hey, use “Death”.

Pseudobunny: “Death” set!

Pseudobunny: Roger!


Noiz: Hmph.

Announcer: Game set! And the winner goes toooo, Rabbit Head!! This makes it his 24th win in a row! Will there ever be a day where he loses?

Some guy: That’s amazing, another straight win record? You really are good.

Noiz: …

Some guy: Come on, wait up!

Noiz: What do you want?

Some guy: Do you know about the conditions that signal Usui’s arrival?

Noiz: What? What’re you getting at?

Some guy: Just humour me! Do you know?

Noiz: I know to a certain extent.

Some guy: But not 100%, am I right?

Noiz: What’s your deal? You’re annoying.

Some guy: I take that your reaction means yes?

Noiz: …

Some guy: No need to glare at me like that! Right now I’m analysing Usui’s manifestation conditions and lately I’ve been getting them mostly right.

Noiz: And?

Some guy: How about we work together? Better yet, let’s make a team!

Noiz: What are the merits?

Some guy: We gather information about not just Usui, but all of Rhyme and sell it on a large scale to those who want them! Rhyme’s gaining popularity now, right? The profit this’ll make sounds like a sweet deal to me!

Noiz: Hmph.

Some guy: How about it?

Noiz: Doesn’t sound bad.

Some guy: I know right? If you agree, I’ll get the other people I know who are also in this to join us. Sound fine to you?

Noiz: Do whatever you want.

Some guy: Aright, it’s a deal! Let’s earn some sweet cash while enjoying Rhyme. Pleasure to work with you!

Noiz: I’m don’t like being so friendly.

Some guy: Hahaha, guess so. Well, let’s do our best!

Noiz: Hmph.

Mink Episode 0

(Summary because I hate Mink and CBF translating his track. Sorry to any Mink fans!)

Mink is forcing an inmate to leave the prison but the inmate keeps saying how he’s afraid and that he’ll die if he does. Mink tells him that the inmates have actually been unknowingly brainwashed into thinking that they can’t. The inmate’s still scared but Mink forces him outside like the wifebeater he is. Inmate realises he’s not dead and gratefully thanks Mink. Mink then talks about how he’ll set everyone free and commence his plan.

Clear Episode 0

Aoba: Death and destruction.

Clear: !! That voice just now, could it be Master’s?


Clear: Master!

Aoba: Hmm? Who are you?

Clear: That voice must mean you’re my Master, right?

Aoba: (Collapses)

Clear: Whoa, Master! Master? Master? He seems to be unconscious. Whoopsie daisy!

(Carries Aoba)

Clear: That’s… a puppy? It’s unconscious too. Could it be Master’s puppy? I’ll take it with me for now. Whoopsie daisy!

(Grabs Ren)

Clear: Now then… where should I take them? Master’s out cold too.

Aoba: (Groaning)

Clear: Master, are you awake?

Aoba: (Mumbles) Yes, this… is Junk Shop… Hei… bon.

Clear: Junk Shop Heibon… I know that place! I just have to bring you there, right, Master?

Aoba: MMmmm (Mumbles)

Clear: Got it. Well then, let’s go!


Clear: Here we are, Master! We’re in front of Junk Shop Heibon. What now?

Aoba: Mmm…

Clear: Since he’s still out cold, that must mean he’s sound asleep. It’d be bad to wake him up, so I’ll just leave him and the puppy outside the shop. Whoopsie daisy.

(Puts them down)

Clear: That should do it. Well then, Master, let’s meet again when you’re awake. Now if you’ll excuse me.


Clear: I’ve finally met him, my Master! He’s such a cool person. Plus above all, his voice really resonated in my mind. I look forward to meeting you again, Master.

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