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Haikyuu!! - Karasuno High School Volleyball Club's Christmas

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Dec. 25th, 2014 | 03:02 am

Merry Christmas and long time no see (on this blog)! This year I bring the gift of a translation of the audio drama included in Haikyuu!! BD/DVD Vol.6. I actually intended to translate another two more projects before releasing them at once but it wasn't possible, so you'll have to do with this. I'll try and get the other two done by the New Year. Enjoy!

Note: Instead of translating the lyrics of the Japanese version of Jingle Bells I replaced them with the English version for familiarity.

Tsukki: Why do we have to be in the clubroom on Christmas Eve?

Daichi: Why not? It’s just after our club activities.

Tanaka: That’s right, the more people in a party, the merrier it is! Right, Hinata?

Hinata: Yup!

Tsukki: Ten guys having a merry time together on Christmas Eve?

Tanaka: Gulp! What, you got a problem with that?

Noya: Stop it, Ryu!

Tanaka: Noya-san…

Noya: No excuses, let’s be honest. There’s only reason we’re here today. Ryu and I wanted to spend Christmas Eve with Kiyoko-san!

Everyone: …..

Hinata: Is… that so?

Kiyoko: I feel like I should apologise.

Tanaka: Why are you apologising?

Noya: This is all our doing! Thanks, guys!

Suga: It’s refreshing to see them being so bold like this.

Daichi: Yeah, unlike a certain someone.

Asahi: Why are you looking at me?

Tsukki: This is an abuse of personal interests.

Daichi: Don’t say that. We may as well enjoy ourselves since it’s Christmas. This’ll help us grow closer too.

Tsukki: This team is close enough as it is. We’re already doing stuff like stopping for meat buns on the way home.

Daichi: Well, you have a point.

Hinata: Come on, let’s start!

Noya: Alright, we’ll exchange presents! Everyone, get ready!

Hinata: ‘kay!

Suga: How are we doing this again?

Daichi: Don’t we gather in a circle and pass them around?

Asahi: Yes, we pass them around as music plays and when it stops the one you’re holding is yours.

Suga: Oh, but isn’t our radio cassette player broken?

Ennoshita: How about we play it with my smartphone?

Suga: Nice idea, Ennoshita.

Ennoshita: I’ll start it now.

Tanaka: Ready, set, go! Can’t you raise the volume?

Ennoshita: Nope, this is as loud as it goes.

Everyone: Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

Hinata: “Hey! Jingle, bells! Jingle, bells! Jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh! Ooh! Jingle, bells! Jingle, bells! Jingle all the way!“

Tanaka: Alright, we’re forming the loop now. Everyone takes a turn singing one line.

Everyone: Whaaat?

Tanaka: The smartphone will be passed too, so look at the lyrics and sing.

Suga: Do it yourself, Tanaka.

Daichi: Yeah.

Tanaka: C’mon now, don’t say that. “Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh.”

Noya: “O'er the fields we go, laughing all the way.”

Ennoshita: “Bells on bobtail ring', making spirits bright.”

Suga: “What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight! Hey!”

Kageyama: “Hey! Jingle, bells! Jingle, bells! Jingle all the way!”

Yamaguchi: “Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh! Ooh!”

Tsukki: “Jingle, bells. Jingle, bells. Jingle all the way.”

Kiyoko: “Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh.”

Daichi: Okay, the present in your hands is now yours, so-

Tanaka: “O'er the fields we go, laughing all the way.”

Daichi: Oh come on, how long do you want to keep this up for?

Tanaka: This is round two, Daichi-san. Keep the presents going!

Daichi: O-Oh.

Noya: “Bells on bobtail ring', making spirits bright.”

Daichi: They’ll keep going until they get Shimizu’s present, aren’t they?

Tanaka & Noya: “What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight! Hey!”

Suga: They must really want it.

Tanaka & Noya: “Hey! Jingle, bells! Jingle, bells! Jingle all the way!”

Tsukki: So, when will this end?

Tanaka & Noya: “Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh! Ooh!”

Ennoshita: Ah, the battery ran out.

Noya: Noooo, there was just one person left!

Tanaka: Ennoshita, swap with me!

Ennoshita: No way.

Suga: In that case, let’s open our presents. After you, Tanaka.

Tanaka: …Okay. (Unwrapping) This is pretty light.

Kageyama: It’s from me!

Tanaka: Ohh… what’s this?

Kageyama: They’re supporters!

Tanaka: I can see that.

Kageyama: They’re not only good for friction but also thermal insulation. The shock absorbent three-dimensional soft pads make them fit like a glove!

Tanaka: O-oh, thanks.

Tsukki: Pfft, supporters for a Christmas present? Just how much of a volleyball nut are you?

Yamaguchi: I know, right, Tsukki?

Kageyama: What’d you say?

Hinata: Whoa, they have soft pads? That’s so neat!

Tsukki: Looks like your weirdo partner is the only one who would be jealous over a gift like that. (Snicker)

Kageyama: Hmph!

Hinata: Kageyama, where did you buy that?

Kageyama: Shut up!

Hinata: C’mon, it can’t hurt to tell me, you cheapskate!

Daichi: Tsukishima, you’re next.

Tsukki: Um, it’s a headband.

Yamaguchi: It has ‘Fighting spirit’ written on it.

Tanaka: That’s…

Noya: Written by me, of course!

Tsukki: I thought so.

Noya: It’s my special handwritten headband!

Hinata: That’s so cool!

Noya: Try it on, Tsukishima.

Tsukki: It’s okay, I’ll try it later.

Noya: Come on, do it now!

Tsukki: Right…

Noya: It looks pretty good on you!

Tsukki: Seriously?

Suga: Haha, it wound up with the person least suited for it.

Daichi: You can say that again. What did you get, Yamaguchi?

Yamaguchi: Oh, right.

Tanaka: Hmm, is that a book?

Yamaguchi: Looks like a photobook. “Don’t Give Up, Kamchatka”.

Daichi: I don’t even have to ask who it’s from.

Asahi: That… is my bible. Please read it.

Yamaguchi: S-Sure.

Asahi: It’s a collection of photos and poems of people living in the harsh wilderness. Let me have that for a sec. I especially recommend this part... There it is! “Like a comet, I set forth. I failed, Kamchatka. I fled, Okhotsk. I set forth, like a shooting star, scattering silver as it descends. I will never give in, Kamchatka!”

Daichi: That’s enough!

Asahi: Ehh!?

Daichi: Guess I’m next. This is heavy… hmm? This is… a set of three grilled beef sauces?

Tanaka: Ehehe, It’s from me. This will give your grilled beef a taste like no other!

Suga: Why would you give that for Christmas?

Tanaka: What, is that weird? That a set of three miso flavours: dark-brown, light-brown and soy. Mix them around and form your favourite sauce!

Daichi: Thanks. So, who’s next?

Tanaka: Daichi-san…

Ennoshita: Mine is…

Kiyoko: That’s my present.

Noya: Damn you, Chikaraaa!

Tanaka: How dare you have this ultra rare chance to receive a present from Kiyoko-san!

Ennoshita: Oh, it’s a mug with a crow logo on it!

Tanaka & Noya: That’s so good!

Tanaka: Ennoshita, I’ll trade my supporter for the mug.

Ennoshita: In your dreams.

Hinata: I got… a set of three towels… from Sakanoshita.

Tsukki: A gift like that won’t go to waste, right?

HInata: Oh, yeah. Thank you…

Suga: My present is a little round. A daruma?

Daichi: That’s mine.

Suga: Eh? Oh, is that so! Thanks Daichi, I appreciate it.

Tsukki: It sort of looks like Santa, not to mention the colour.

Daichi: I know, right? It’s about the size of a volleyball too!

Suga: You’re right. It also weighs about the same.

Daichi: You bet it does. I had trouble thinking of a present but once I saw it, I just knew this was it! Let’s fill in the first eye with this sharpie.

Suga: Okay.

Daichi: Let’s win the Spring Tournament!

Suga: Yeah!

Kageyama: I have a pair of socks!

Suga: Ah, that’s from me. When you think of Christmas Eve, don’t socks come to mind?

Kageyama: Thanks!

Noya: Mine is… a pencil case! The kind that opens on both sides! Sweet!

Hinata: Me! The present if from me!

Noya: Nice one, Shouyou!

Hinata: How do you like the kneaded eraser?

Noya: There’s a kneaded eraser?!

Hinata: It smells good!

Noya: Smells like soda! Nice one again!


Tsukki: We’re done with the presents, now what?

Hinata: What else do we do at a Christmas party?

Kageyama: I dunno, eat cake?

Daichi: Come to think of it, didn’t we dress up last year?

Suga: We did!

Hinata: What costumes did you wear?

Suga: Hehe, man, Asahi’s was amazing.

Hinata: Really?

Suga: Isn’t that right, Asahi?

Asahi: Gulp! I have a bad feeling about this.

Daichi: How about we let Asahi finish things off?

Asahi: I knew it… But we don’t have anything prepared.

Daichi: We’ll figure something out.

Noya: That’s right, we just have to work with what we have!

Hinata: Work with what we have?

Asahi: I’m… not doing it, okay?

Daichi: This is our last year, huh?

Asahi: Eh?

Daichi: Nothing, I was thinking about how this is the last time we’ll spend Christmas in this clubroom.

Suga: I see. You’re right, this is the final Christmas for us third years. We’ve been through a lot.

Daichi: Yeah, all sorts of things. Well, guess that’s it. Time to clean up.

Hinata: What, is that all?

Daichi: We have practice tomorrow, so have a good rest.

Hinata: Oh…

Asahi: …I’ll do it.

Daichi: Hmm?

Asahi: I said I’ll dress up.

Daichi: Is that so!

Hinata: Yahoo! Wait... ehh?! Hey, Kageyama, Asahi-san is taking his top off. What is he supposed to be?

Kageyama: How should I know? Dumbass!

Daichi: Now let your hair down.

Asahi: Mm.

Hinata: Could it be...?

Suga: Just by having him topless with his hair down and arms spread… Behold!

Hinata: He’s Christ!

Daichi: He looks closer to the real thing every passing year.

Suga: Last year we even had the crown of thorns.

Noya: No problem, this year we have this!

Asahi: The headband?

Tsukki: How surreal to have this headband in place of the crown of thorns. Here you go.

Asahi: Mmhm.

Yamaguchi: Hold this poem book too.

Daichi: Oh, it’s Asahi’s bible after all.

Ennoshita: Umm.

Daichi: What is it, Ennoshita?

Ennoshita: How about he use this too?

Daichi: Ohh, Shimizu’s mug.

Tanaka: Oooh!

Noya: That would make it…

Tanaka & Noya: A holy grail!

Tanaka: A fighting spirit headband, a bible in his right hand and the holy grail on his left. It’s perfect!

Suga: Alright, we’ll switch off the lights except for those behind him.

Daichi: Nice, the lighting looks like it’s noon.

Yamaguchi: Better take a picture! (Snap)

Suga: Yo, Jesus Christ, Super Ace!

Asahi: It’s like you're all making fun of me.

Suga: No we’re not!

Tanaka: That’s right, it’s more like you have more divine favour than last year.

Tsukki: Does Christianity even have divine favour?

Tanaka: Don’t sweat the details! O Lord, grant us, the Karasuno Volleyball Club with victory and glory!

Hinata: Namandabu! Namandabu!

Asahi: Don’t pray to me!

Noya: You looked cool when you said that!



As always, let me know if you spot any errors, typos and whatnot.

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Comments {4}

Hannah Ho


from: jangborhini
date: Dec. 25th, 2014 07:34 am (UTC)

in the line before the last line, it's asahi that says "don't pray to me" not hinata, but thank you for doing such marvelous translating ^^

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Re: error

from: yoshi_x2
date: Dec. 25th, 2014 07:37 am (UTC)

I can't believe I mixed up their names! Thank you for pointing it out.

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